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Strength and Strike Fitness is the home of Athens newest training facility providing the Complete Fitness Experience. Offering Small Group Training & Personal Training, our programs are designed to build muscle & burn fat. Our unique training programs are tailored to maximize your results & minimize injury.


Strength and Strike Fitness

The Complete Fitness Experience...

Strength & Conditioning - Cardio Kickboxing - Boxing

You can do easy on your own...That's why we are here for YOU, to give you the push you need to take it to the next level and achieve your goals.Get ready to tear down obstacles of the mind and body to journey past your limits in a safe environment with the proper guidance. Start your journey with us today. 



  • Barbells, Bumper Plates & Dumb Bells

  • Heavy Bags, Speed bags, & Kick Bags

  • TRX & Gymnastics Rings

  • Battle Ropes

  • Kettlebells

  • Rowers, Ski Ergs, & Air Assault Bikes

  • Resistance Bands

  • Medicine Balls

  • Jump Ropes

  • Plyo Boxes


Be Intentional & deliberate…


Get ready to Lift, Push, Pull, Punch, & Kick your way to a new level of health & fitness. With our customized small group training programs you will build muscle & burn fat by learning how to move safely & effectively.


Build Muscle & Burn Fat

Perform functional movements utilizing Barbells, Kettlebells, and Bodyweight for Strength & Conditioning that will optimize strength, power, and cardiovascular fitness. 




Burn Fat & Increase Endurance

Strike is our functional fitness cardio kickboxing program that provides a total body, high-intensity, interval training workout. Punch and kick  heavy bags, speed bags, and hand mitts, while performing resistance training and cardio intervals to get your heart pumping & improving core strength and stability.

Strike Fitness Boxing

Learn Technique & Burn Fat

Strike Fitness Boxing is our non-contact  boxing class that focuses on teaching you the fundamentals of the sweet science. Whether you’re a beginner  or have experience and wanting to improve your boxing technique you will have fun learning while getting a killer total body calorie burning workout


Just Stretch

Recover , Restore, & Rejuvenate

JUST STRETCH is our pure recovery class of yoga to focused on recovery to release tension, improve flexibility.


Strength & Strike

Build Muscle & Burn Fat

The best of both worlds! In a single class. combine your strength work with our signature Strike Cardio kickboxing class for the complete fitness experience.


Strike and Stretch (90min)

Burn Fat,  Increase Endurance, & Improve Flexibility

Begin with our signature Strike Cardio kickboxing class, then finish off with a guided yoga session to release tension, improve flexibility .



All of our membership options are 

Month to Month & No Enrollment

Here at Strength and Strike Fitness we welcome everyone, regardless of what level they’re starting at. Here it’s all about the individual’s journey, so you only have to live up to your own standards. Get ready to have fun and get fit on your own terms. Join us today.

All Access Unlimited Membership

Unlimited classes per month

(including workshops)


monthly recurring auto draft required

Flexible All Access Membership

8 classes per month

(2x week)


monthly recurring auto draft required

Unused classes do not carry over to the next monthly billing cycle.

Student & Hero

All Access Unlimited Membership

To be eligible for this membership, you must be currently enrolled in school, work at a local university or higher education institution OR employed by a local Law Enforcement agency, or 1st responder

Unlimited classes per month

(including workshops)


monthly recurring auto draft required


*all class packages expire 12 months after date of purchase



All of our coaches are Nationally certified, which means they’ve put in the time to hone their skills and learn their trade. They understand that no two bodies are alike and will work with you to get fit at the right pace.

Rhuben S&S.jpg

Rhuben Williams

Rhuben has been working in the health & fitness industry for over 15 years, helping people improve their quality of life through movement & lifestyle change. Holding a degree in Integrative Biology from UC Berkeley combined with , 2x All American Honors in the Shot Put, Rhuben takes a "Keep is simple" approach to health and fitness focusing on getting his people results by training SMARTER....NOT HARDER!


  • Level 2 StrongFirst Kettlebell Instructor "BEAST TAMER"

  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

  • USAW Level 1 Sports Performance Coach

  • CPR, AED, & First Aid, American Heart Association


I was born and raised in Los Angeles California where I played football and competed in track & field at Eagle Rock High school. I earned an athletic scholarship for track & field to The University of California at Berkeley graduating with a degree in Integrative Biology with an emphasis in Human Bio-dynamics. Once I graduated it was either continue on to medical school or pursue my dream of making a U.S. Olympic Team. Upon graduating, I had the opportunity to come to Athens Georgia to be coached by Coach Don Babbitt and train with Adam Nelson & Reese Hoffa. 

After graduation I worked through the summer to save money. At the end of October 2005 I sold all the furniture in my room, packed everything else in my 1995 Honda Civic and drove across the country to Athens Georgia. I have lived here ever since working to serve the Athens community by helping people improve their  health & fitness through functional strength & conditioning to improve daily life.


Michelene Hearn

Michelene is a Boston native who studied Psychology and Communications at FIU in Miami, before moving to Athens to pursue her masters in nursing. She is currently working as a RN at PARMC Emergency Department and as a Middle School mentor at Athens Church of Christ. She has been practicing yoga since 2009, and studied yoga teacher training at a residential program in Morocco through YogaWorks. She hopes to further her education  in the future, as she aspires to help people emotionally, physically and spiritually as much as possible. She believes in the power of gratitude, and striving to connect with our inner light and spreading that light and love to the world. 

Wes S&S.jpg

Wes Gresham

Wes has been involved in the health and fitness industry for over 10 years. With a degree in Exercise and Sport Science from the University of Georgia, he has an extreme passion for helping clients reach their goals in an effective manner. From injury rehabilitation, sport specific training, weight loss programming, and coaching boxers and endurance athletes, Wes has a broad knowledge base for obtaining results and improving clients’ lifestyles each and every day. Taking the approach that “Any Goal without a plan is a Wish,” Wes helps lay the foundation for your success every step of the way. 


  • B.S. Exercise and Sport Science

  • ACE Personal Training

  • ACE Sports Conditioning Specialist

  • American Red Cross CPR/AED


Born and raised in Georgia, I have been a Georgia Bulldawg fan my whole life. Upon attending UGA as state ranked Pole Vaulter, I was badly injured in a boating accident and was forced to undergo an extensive rehabilitation program where I found my interest in exercise science and sport rehab. After graduating college in 2010, I pursued a NAVY Special Operations Contract while I did personal training on the side. Two years later, I was declined entry into the NAVY SEAL program because of a medical issue, so I continued pursuing my passion with personal training and small group instruction. Now, as a father to incredible little boy, and a mentor to a high school small group through Athens Church, I continue to serve my Athens Community impacting lives through health and fitness.

Zach Gray.JPG

Zach Gray

Zach is currently a volunteer assistant track and field coach at the University of Georgia.  Prior to moving to Athens in August, he spent two years working as a strength and conditioning coach at Burke Mountain Academy, a boarding school exclusively for Alpine ski racers.  Graduating in 2016, he received a degree in Exercise and Sport Science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where he also competed in the Javelin for the Tar Heels track and field team.  As an undergrad he interned with sport performance programs in the collegiate and private sectors.  Zach believes in being brilliant at the basics, and employs a holistic approach to training athletes and clients.


  • NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

  • USAW Level 1 Sports Performance Coach

  • CPR, AED, & First Aid, American Heart Association


Annie Marcum

Annie Marcum received her 200-hr yoga teaching certification in September of 2012. Since then she has been studying and learning from different instructors throughout the country and abroad. She found iRest, a research-based transformative practice of deep relaxation and meditation, in November of 2015 and has been so grateful for the events in her life that brought her to this practice. She is currently enrolled in her 500-hr yoga certification at Asheville Yoga Center, continuing her education and love for learning.

Annie first met Wes and Rhuben in 2014 when she started teaching the boxing/yoga combo class, and it was love at first punch! Annie loves the combination of boxing, strength training, and yoga; how it makes her feel strong, capable and flexible, not only in body but also in mind. Annie hopes to share some of the tools she's received through yoga with everyone at Strength & Strike Fitness. She loves the camaraderie and support of this community and can't wait to lift/punch/stretch with you soon!

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Strength and Strike Fitness is located in the Athens Business Center on Atlanta Highway Near the Blind Pig & Swifty Car Wash


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